A Movie By Name Since 1992 Is All Set To Take You Down The Memory Lane
Since 1992 |The 90’s Era Of Shaktiman To Return On Big Screens
With the Kannada film industry  buzzing with talent new additions to the talent pool are likely. In the upcoming days, Since 1992 – a vintage drama will soon begin shooting. The story is based on love stories of the 90’s era.

The talented bunch from the team of Since 1992 recently released a wishing poster for Deepavali. This gave a sneak-peek into its storyline. Picture of Deepavali crackers with Shaktiman on the cover and a few more clues sighted helped Kannada movie buffs to decode the idea behind the title.
The movie marks the directorial debut of Kiran Kumar Patil who earlier worked as an associate for Simple Star Rakshith Shetty. Patil’s work in Kirik Party and Ricky has been lauded under the mentorship of successful directors, which is crucial for to test waters in movie-making.
Kiram Kumar’s independent directorial debut comes as no surprise as Rishabh Shetty is expected to voluntarily join hands in shaping Since 1992.
The story of since 1992 is set in the backdrop of the early 90’s era. This is the generation of laid back times.
The film focuses on the memories attached to the college-goers and school kids in relation to soft Love stories, child-oriented programs, and fistfights.
The decade called as a golden era is unlike the mobile generation. The theme of Since 1992 movie is based on these memories and the tale of Shaktiman, Mabharatha, Ramayana taking us on a nostalgic trip post-internet boom.
Producers Samruddh S and Sharath Gowda plan to work on various aspects of film production while Filmy Scoop has taken over Production design.
Cinematography by Lavish of ‘Rama Rama Re’ and ‘Ondalla Yeradalla’ has been roped in to start the eventful journey in the 2nd week of December. Sukruth Venkata, Balasubramanya and Devarakonda are to work on screenplay and dialogue. Venkata Gowda, Raaci Sunil, Shivapacchi, Ashwin Kumar are among the few others in the team.