There is no dearth of love stories in Sandalwood movies. Director Chala addresses a sensitive topic through his ambitious romantic drama ‘Andavaada’ with a gripping storyline that will keep you guessing till the end.
 He explores the phase of a love story where two lovers face the wrath of destiny that pushes them to let go of each other and eventually how they do that is intriguing. Besides the cinema throws light on the lack of careful screening in the medical industry that can shatter a patient’s life. The two characters Mohan Aka Mona (Jai) and Artha Aka Ammu (Anusha Ranganath) rekindle their childhood memories meeting after a period of 10 years.
The beginning of the movie introduces you to ammu’s imaginary world and her series of lies just to convince the hero she is an alien and how she has been followed by them giving signs of withdrawal from the world. Mona firmly believes every word from her without questioning and loves her endlessly. Both poke fun of their childhood days which touching heartstrings. Strangely ammu has the tendency to disappear when it comes to expressing her love for Mona. The real reason for her lies, exclusion from the world and her absence are known as the film unfolds making everything understandable.
The film could have been more diligent in the narrative, The chemistry between the lead characters I choppy at times but strikes a chord. Harish Rai and KS Sridhar are convincing in their respective supporting roles. Songs penned by Yogaraj Bhatt, Jayant Kaikini, Hriday Shiva are up to the mark. Music composer Vikram Varman has managed to come up with melodious romantic tunes and the background score of Gurukiran goes well with sentimental scenes.
Harish N Sondekoppa cinematography has further enhanced the beauty of the hill lands with soothing views. The new team that has embarked on such an adventure has managed to give a fairly impactful presence in the very first attempt