Kannada films and their titles have been creating controversies lately. Lead actors’ clarification over a dialogue or a line of a song has become a common thing on social media platforms. This time it is Rishabh Shetty who had to face fan fury over filming “Yeno Badava Rascal” song on Monday, Nov 4. The line of the song happens to be the title of Dolly Dhananjay’s upcoming movie.

The fact that Rishabh Shetty is making use of the popular title for his upcoming film “Ombattu Sullu Kathegalu” has not gone down well with actor Dhananjay’s fans.
Rishabh Shetty sings ‘ Yeno Badava Rascal’ in the song that went viral since 1st Nov. Initially Dolly fans who have heard the song were confused if the song was from his movie. But were upset with Rishabh after knowing, that the song actually belonged to “ Ombattu Sullu Kathegalu.” They lashed out at the Bell Bottom actor and director who is now producing the movie.


Later Dhananjay clarified and issued a statement praising Rishab Shetty’s work.
“Our film has nothing to do with the song that Rishabh sings so brilliantly, though we thank Rishabh for promoting our movie,” Dolly Said.
All the very best to the team. Anyways, thanks for promoting my film.
— Dhananjaya (@Dhananjayaka) November 4, 201
However, resentment among Dolly fans continued despite the exchange of goodwill.

“It’s not about rights on a word or a patent as we don’t have one but at the same time, it is a matter of professionalism. It is not right on the part of the team to use Dolly’s B. Rascal cinema title in a song,” wrote a fan.
Rishabh, on the other hand, retweeted Dhananjay’s tweet and thanked him.
“Thank you, friend, for your wishes. Good luck for Badava Rascal,” he wished back.

The fan fury has now probably settled we presume.
Actor Dolly Dhananjay’s Upcoming movie ‘Badava Rascal’ is an action thriller directed by Shankar.
The movie stars Amruta Iyengar as the female lead and is produced by Gujjal Purushottam