BANGALORE: CM B.S.Yadiyurappa said that Private hospital owners have been informed that two and a half thousand beds should be set up by tomorrow and they have agreed to it.CM said that private hospitals are instructed to provide beds as there is a lack of oxygen beds for Corona patients,and also has been asked to cooperate with the government.
CM said that “We had discussions with the owners of all the hospitals,We have tried our best to control Covid 19 in the city ,people need to take precautions and not to be worried as Bangalore is far better than other cities, he added.
In Mumbai, 74,252 people were infected with coronavirus, of which 42,329 were cured. 4284 have died. In New Delhi, 80,188 people were infected, the cure rate was 49,301 and the death toll was 2558.

In Chennai, 51,699 people were infected, 31,045 cured and 733 people died. While 5402 people were positive in Kolkata, 3123 people were cured and 359 people died. However, there are 3321 cases in Bangalore and 81 people died.