India is likely to have already passed the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in September 2020.Covid infections in India peaked in September and if all precautions are followed then the pandemic would have run its course by early next year, according to the mathematical projections by Covid-19 Supermodel committee, appointed by the government.The panel of scientists and doctors, based on mathematical and statistical forecasting on the spread of the infectious disease. The panel also claimed that the pandemic can be controlled by end of February 2021 with minimal active symptomatic cases if all protocols are followed and if government does not relax activities further.

The panel also claimed that 30 per cent of the country’s population was already projected to have antibodies, which indicated that they had been infected with the virus. By August-end, 14 per cent were likely to have developed antibodies.The committee chaired by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad’s M Vidyasagar has projected that by mid-February the pandemic curve would have reached the baseline with total symptomatic coronavirus infections reaching 10.6 million.