Belgaum: Authorities have made two reports of one person being Corona Positive and Negative. A man from Athani in Belgaum district has been tested for corona. On July 15, he gave swab sample for test in Athani.

Person was admitted to the Bims Hospital in Belgaum on July 16 for covid examination and got admitted also. The Belgaum BIMS gave Report saying its negative and was discharged on July 18. The man returned home after receiving a Corona Negative report.

The report of swab sample given on July 15 was finally available on July 25 , Officials who called the person on July 25 said that the person is covid 19 positive.
That person was surprised as the swab test was done in just one day and questioned the authorities, how the report could be different but the authorities stayed silent and didnt give any clarification.