Former Deputy Chief minister and legislator Dr G Parameshwar said that Madhugiri taluk in Tumkur district is geographically more extensive and should be declared as a separate district.  He wrote to CM Yeddyurappa explaining the importance of a separate district.

Madhugiri has a sub-division of the Department of Public Works, KEB, DYSP, Oudhlangam and many other District Courts. As a separate educational district, Madhugiri’s neighboring taluks, Pavagada, Koratagere and Shira taluk, will be the focal point for the marketing of agricultural produce and products. Madhugiri deserves to be a district at all levels and the announcement of a new district is a demand of the people of this area from long.
In this backdrop, In a letter to CM, he has also stated to include Madhugiri, Pavagada, Koratagere and Shira taluka to form Madhugiri as a separate district.