A popular name on the web for the kind of work she has done on the OTT platforms, actor Mithila Palkar enjoys quite a huge fan following. And she feels happy to be able to stay connected with fans on the digital space through her social media platforms. But with that comes criticism and trolling, too. And Mithila reveals that has often being subjected to such comments for her size zero figure.

“I perpetually get trolled and body shamed,” says Mithila Palkar adding, “People keep posting on social media and say why you don’t eat something. You look so skinny.”

A big foodie in her own words, the 26-year-old actor weighs 48kg and she says she made it a point to not let such negativity affect her. “Some people like my physique and ask me, ‘why are you so slim’, some question and advice me, ‘it’s not healthy to be this thin. Do you starve yourself?’ But I want to tell them all that I love to binge eat, without feeling conscious of gaining weight. I like trying out new cuisines and don’t fuss about it,” shares Mithila, popularly known for web shows The Girl In The City, Little Things and web film The chopsticks.

Sharing the secret behind how she manages to stay fit despite being a foodie, the actor shares, “I give all the credit to the good metabolism I have that helps me stay slim. Also, I do functional training for core strength building.”

Asked if she has any fitness tip to share with her fans who look up to her, Mithila says, “Feel comfortable in your skin and remember that it’s important to be disciplined when it comes to your fitness routine. Workout leads to good health and there is no downside to it. Even if it is one thing that you do every day in your workout routine, do that religiously.”