Bollywood actress Ada sarma, who was busy doing household chores in the days of Lockdown and uploading those videos to social media, is now back in action after many days. Ada is busy in the shooting of an ad for a coffee company. Ada Sharma sharing a photo of herself on Twitter with a face shield,which she has taken in the time of shooting.
She said “I am attending the shooting after a many days. This is an advertisement shoot. There are less than 20 people in this team. Everyone is wearing a face mask and maintaining a social gap and participating in the shooting. Ada Sharma claims that I feel like I am at war.

Ada Sharma, who is also reminiscent of their lock down , she said ” I have learnt to cut water melon and learnt Cartwheel and read many scripts. Not only that but I learnt how to sound like birds. Ada wrote that this was a good experience.

When it comes about her cinemas, Ada has already finished shooting for movie “man-to-man” and it will be released soon.