New Delhi: China-based companies have come under heavy criticism on social media. In the meantime, the US-based video meeting platform Zoom has made it clear that it plans to hire local talent in the country over the next five years and is constantly investing in it.

Welchami Shankar Lingam, president of engineering and products at Zoom, said India will continue to be a key market for Zoom app. As we continue to get acquainted with the Indian market, we have noticed that some confusion has arisen regarding the facts related to zoom. The zoom team will work to address these, he added.
There are some misconceptions about the zoom company and its connections with China, The identity of the zoom is clear now. Zoom is an American company and is publicly traded on Nasdaq. Founded in San Jose, California, headquartered there. Zoom, like many global technology companies, made it clear that it owns offices in China from US-based subsidiaries.