Kangana Ranaut is a “self made star ,she has come from a small town and a middle class family,who struggled a lot to become what she is now, so she says it’s really amazing that she has come very far from the situations like not affording cloths for award functions to till becoming one among richest celebrities in the country. She was once called Gold Digger by her ex, it’s then she decided to become successful.
“She said, “I didn’t know how to prove that it wasn’t it. In a relationship, how does one who doesn’t have such possessions, comes from a small town with a humble background, have no chance of love, dignity! That person suddenly doesn’t have a say in this world of nepotistic materialistic people. Then, I thought I’m going to have the best house anyone will have, best office and by the age of 50, I also will be one of the richest people in India. That’s what I’ve just decided.”