Speaking to the media in Mysuru on December 5, the JD(S) leader contended that he fell into a trap by agreeing to form the government with Congress after the 2018 Karnataka poll verdict threw up a hung Assembly. According to Kumaraswamy, he could have retained the Chief Minister’s post even now if JD(S) allied with BJP. Moreover, he accused former CM and Congress’ Siddaramaiah of conspiring against him. It is pertinent to note that the Congress-JD(S) government fell on July 23, 2019, after 17 of its legislators resigned.

JD(S)’s HD Kumaraswamy remarked, “The goodwill that I had earned from the people of the state in 2006-07 (as CM) and which I had maintained for 12 years despite the big campaign against me for not transferring power to BJP, everything got destroyed by joining hands with the Congress. I might have been Chief Minister till now if I had chosen BJP.”