Pramod Mittal, brother of the world’s richest steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal is 2.5 billion pounds in debt, making him the “most bankrupt” person in the United Kingdom, He claims to have no income, assets worth £7000 of jeweller; £66,669 worth of shares; and property worth £45 in India. But says he owes about £170 million to his 94-year-old father, £1.1m to his wife Sangeeta, £2.4m to their 30-year-old son Divyesh and another £1.1m to his brother-in-law Amit Lohia. The 64-year-old businessman also claims that his family home is in the name of an offshore company in which he had “no financial interest”

He is however a “known” spendthrift, the report noted. Pramod famously spent 50 million pounds on daughter Shristi’s wedding in 2013 – 10 million pounds more than what brother Lakshmi Mittal spent on his daughter Vanisha’s wedding in 2004.