Prime Minister’s Special Addressed to the nation on tuesady ,PM appeals to citizens to not let their guard down in the country’s fight against Corona. Says the lockdown might have gone but the virus has not .Modi said despite the lockdown having been lifted it does not mean that the Corona Virus is wiped out. Work on vaccine is in progress and Govt is readying a strategy to deliver the vaccine to every single citizen.Recovery rate in the country has improved and the fatality rate is low .The Prime Minister lauded the efforts of the doctors, nurses and health workers who are selflessly serving such a large population, following the mantra of “Seva Parmo Dharma. Cautioning the people who have stopped taking precautions of late, he said “If you are negligent and going out without a mask, you are exposing yourself, your family, your children, the elderly to the same amount of risk.Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people not to be complacent till there is a vaccine for the virus. In his seventh address to the nation in last seven months, PM Narendra Modi said, in the fight against corona, people of India have come a long way from Janta curfew till today.