Panchamasali Peet Wachanananda Swamiji sends greetings to PM Modi on his 70th Birthday by letter.

Namaskara Aadaraneeya Sri Narendra Modi Ji,
Not only have you earned a place in the hearts of 130 crore people of this country, but you have also left an indelible mark in the minds of billions of people across this world. Their blessings and well wishes is what keeps you in the pink of your health and gives you the strength and energy to steer this great country India to the path of success. The people’s faith in your abilities is unshakable because, to them you are not a person but an emotion. An emotion called Hope. Dearest Modiji, I have always admired your zeal and you have never ceased to inspire me through your confidence, leadership and above all your concern for our nation.
It was upon the recommendation of Sri Ananth Kumar Ji that I got an opportunity to meet you for the first time in 2017. You had such a compelling aura of goodness around you that I was completely overwhelmed by it. Despite your magnanimous stature you humbly addressed me as ‘Shwaasa Guruji’ and praised me for my achievements at such a young age. The curiosity you shared for Yoga and its propagation literally inspired me to start the Yoga Ratna awards. That day I realised you were not just a Prime Minister of our country, but you are indeed a Karma Yogi.
The second time I met you was in 2019 along with Sri Murugesh Nirani and Sri Prahlad Joshi to invite you for the ‘Hara Jaatra’ of the Panchamasali Peetha. You displayed the same humility even in our second meet-up. When I presented you with Ishta Linga, Vibhuti, Neti Pot and a few books on Yoga. You displayed a great will to learn about these gifts and also listened to my explanation about them with child-like curiosity. I remember very vividly that you were mesmerized by the conception of Ishta-Linga and also gladly declared that you would love to apply the vibhuti on your forehead. You also enumerated upon the significance of Neti-Pot in keeping oneself healthy. These memories have been very dear to me and I proudly nurture and share them with my near and dear ones with great joy.

Modiji, you radiate with a positive energy which is easily felt and experienced by people. Your far- nearsightedness and sense of national pride are truly admirable qualities that every Indian should inculcate within themselves. Your teachings about cleanliness, wellness and self-reliance have become the building blocks of a modern India. Your steps to arrest Corona Virus have proven your mettle as a leader who cares for his subjects. The world too rightly identifies you among the greatest influencers of this era. The greatest leader is one who leads with examples. You are a personification of greatness and have over time proven that only through a leader with stern value-system and confidence can our country make progress.
It is your Birthday Dear Modiji, though you have always remained in my prayers. On behalf of my entire Panchamasaali community, I would like to take this occasion to wish and pray for your peace, prosperity and good health. May your guidance remain upon this country for several decades ahead. May the Lord HariHara Mahadeva bless you with divine strength to cope with toughest of challenges.

With warm regards and Hrudaya poorvak Namaskaaras,
Sri Sri Sri Jagadguru Vachananand Mahaswamiji,
Panchamasali Jagadguru Peetha Harihara.