In Karantaka those discharged are returning to hospital with breathlessness, fibrosis or scarring in the lungs, psychological distress and skin rashes.Health officials said that it might be because some hospitals are not conducting proper Covid 19 tets when patient gets discharged from hospital.but Dr
Satynarayana Mysore, head of department of pulmonology at Manipal Hospitals, said some Covid-19 patients they treated had returned to hospital. In one case, a middle-aged man, discharged on the 11th day of admission, came back on the 14th day with fever.

City hosp starting post-Covid clinic to address complications It was not a case of reinfection. The man had renal issues and had not got cleared of the virus. He got better in a couple of days,” said Dr Satynarayana Mysore. However, he said Covid-19 sequelae.