Ladakh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ladakh’s Leh area for the first time after a clash between China and the Indian Army in the Galvan valley. He said people who Oppose India will get to know the bravery of our warriors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said soldiers that your bravery is talk of the town everywhere.

He said that “I will bow to both mothers. First of all, my admiration for Bharatmata and every mother who has given warriors to this country, again my tributes to the martyrs who were martyred in the conflict that took place a few days ago.

Namo said “Galwan valley is ours and it will remain he also appreciated soldiers and said that you are protecting the country’s borders even under tough conditions. You have shown your strength to the world with your bravery. The whole country has complete confidence in you. He also said that the whole India today speaks proudly about the bravery of our warriors in the Galvan valley.

“The weak cannot establish peace,to establish peace it also requires courage. Let there be a world war. There is a need for peace along with our courage, The time for expansion is already over.Now the time has come for the development to take place and those who have tried to extend have lost their lives in the history.