SONU Sood has again proved his kindness towards people in need by taking one more responsibility towards a poor family in Punjab,after migrant workers reach their homes safe and sound, Sonu Sood has taken on another mission. Recently, the Bollywood actor promised to support a family financially who lost their parents in the recent Punjab Hooch tragedy. Sonu said that, “I ensure these little kids from Punjab will have a good home, a nice school and a bright future ahead in his social media account.

Karanpreet (13), Gurpreet (11), Arshpreet (9), and Sandeep (5) are the 3 children who lost their parents in the Punjab Hooch tragedy. While their father died of consuming spurious liquor, their mother succumbed to death due to the shock of her partner’s demise. The children are currently at their uncle Sarwan Singh’s residence, who allegedly is facing constraints in providing his brother’s children with basic necessities.