New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has called on the people of the country to raise their voice against the hike in fuel prices. Rahul Gandhi has made a request in a video posted on the micro blogging site Twitter, urging the people of the country to join the campaign against the fuel price hike.He said that central government is robbing people’s money in the wake of the Corona virus and the Chinese conflict. The center has been robbing people by raising fuel prices from 21 consecutive days. Let us raise the voice to urge the government to reverse the increased prices
Petrol price was Rs. 80.43 a liter on Monday. (5 paise increase) and diesel in Delhi at Rs 80.53. (13 paise) higher. Fuel prices are rising in the nation’s capital

Congress has accused the increase in petrol and diesel prices as unfair and thoughtful. Congress has urged the central government to reduce the rate hike and deliver the oil price gain to people directly.