Savarnadeergha Sandhi is a novel attempt to entice the audience with humor and has been able to do that convincingly. The protagonist Muddana’s obsession with grammar and his rowdy gang’s ‘positive rowdyism’ has become an instant hit with the filmgoers.

There were initial apprehensions because of the clash with Bharate, a Mega- budget movie with Roaring Star Murali in the lead. However, the newcomers from Savarnadeergha Sandhi and the lead character’s obsession with Kannada grammar seemed to have sailed the tough waters. Savarnadeergha Sandhi despite the competition has come out in flying colors overtaking its competitor.

Usually, films with an out of the box storyline and compelling acting are appreciated and this one certainly lives up to the expectation. The team deserves recognition and so does Mudanna’s love for Kannada. His love interest Amrutavarshini portrayed by Krishna has managed to strike the chord in the hearts of movie-goers. The song from music director Manomurthy offers a breath of fresh air.
Overall impressive narrative style and Kannada lessons have helped Veerendra Shetty to get a thumbs up for his venture.

Shetty doesn’t fail to impress donning multiple hats. Handling Story, screenplay, dialogues, production and direction is a big challenge altogether. Looks like Shetty is on the way to deliver a roaring box –office hit after his Tulu Blockbuster Chaali Polilu