Kirik actress Samyuktha Hegde  has alleged that she was attacked , assaulted and abused by Congress leader Kavitha Reddy in the park She says that when she and her few friends were  practicing and  working out  Hoola hoops  in park, Kavitha Reddy came and abusing them saying that our clothes were wrong and we were doing cabaret instead of workout.

They also threatened her that they would link her name in the ongoing sandalwood drug scandal. The lady hit my friends and used disparaging remarks about me and my friends. Some people in the park who knew her started supporting her.About 10 men with her arrived before the police and started threatening us.
This is when I decided to go live in social media and to show our side of story out there in the open,” Samyuktha revealed.
It was extremely disappointing how the police who came to the location and behaved like nothing was wrong .
When we went to the police station, everyone there already knew Kavitha Reddy and spoke to her nicely .Looked at us ” as if we were only Wrong”.We lodged the a complaint against it and police there was refused to give us an acknowledgment for the same.

THIS IS JUST WRONG. I request you all for your support,” She wrote.