Bangalore: Popular TV host Akul Balaji, big boss contestant and actor Santosh have appeared  on Saturday before the crime branch for questioning in the drug scandal case.MLA RV Devaraj’s son RV Yuvaraj also appeared before the Central Crime Branch.Three were summoned   by CCB on Friday in connection with the ongoing drug scandal probe. Three were grilled and questioned for hours by CCB officials and were let off only after gathering enough information.

Akul Balaji said that “I am here to answer questions to CCB. I will cooperate with the investigations and supply all the information that they seek from me,”

Aryann Santosh appeared and spoke about how he trusted some of the accused who have been arrested and rented out his property to them, which could have landed him in trouble.

The officials were trying to collect digital evidences, details about the high-end parties they have attended and who had invited them. They were subjected to thorough investigation based on the evidences available so far. It will be analysed and further course of action would be taken if necessary