SSLC exams  are  starting in Karnataka from Thursday amid fears of coronavirus. A total number of students  8,48,203 are enrolled in 2879 examination centers

This year, 8,48,203 students will be appearing for the examination and 2879 examination centers have been identified across the state. Primary education minister Suresh Kumar said that there is a greater emphasis given on student safety
Speaking at a joint press conference with Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai in Bengaluru, . Examination writing is arranged for 18 to 20 students at each test center. A total of 5755 health check-ups centres have been launched across the state.

Further, 81,265 staff will be working on the SSLC exam. The test staff will attend the test centers at 7 p.m. Mask, sanitizer for children will be arranged.  Parents  are requested to maintain the social distances or gap while leaving the children to the centers

Examination rooms have been fully sanitized. He explained that the rooms are completely cleaned up every day.