Tata Memorial Hospital shows the ray of hope to cancer patients
amid pandemic

Though healthcare facilities in Mumbai are struggling to cope with rise in COVID-19 cases, TMH has successfully conducted 494 major elective cancer surgeries during this pandemic.
In this kind of situation where cancer surgeries are postponed or cancelled, TMH has conducted major elective surgeries in a “COVID-19 hotspot”, a statement from the hospital said.
All 494 elective cancer surgeries were performed in the period of five weeks,from the date of lockdown in India till end of April,” deputy director of the hospital Shailesh V Shrikhande said.He also mentioned that the nearly 64% of these patients were from outside Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Director of Tata Memorial Centre Rajendra A Badwe said about the hospital’s experience of successfully conducting 40 to 50 per cent of elective cancer surgeries in
“COVID-19 hotspot” is in the interest of general public’s health