BANGALORE: Hence many cases of corona are increasing day by day in the capital, there has been talk of imposing another lock-down. But now Minister R Ashok has made it clear that there will be no further lock down.

Speaking to reporters Minister Ashok said that BBMP has already taken all possible steps to provide 100 ambulance services in Bangalore to ensure the safety of Covid patients.

He said an ambulance would be given two wards each and he would meet with the private hospitals and request them to provide 5 thousand beds for corona treatment. Minister Ashok said that he would have a meeting with doctors of the private hospital tomorrow and have discussions with them.
At the same time, it was inevitable that we would have to go ahead with Corona, so there was no need to lock down in Bangalore, he said. “If the lockdown is implemented, it will further complicate the working class,” he said.

In Bangalore, there were 173 new Covid cases yesterday, with the number rising to 1678. Following this backdrop, there was discussion about possible lockdown.