New Delhi: A 29-year-old model-turned-actress, Malvi Malhotra, was allegedly stabbed in the stomach by a producer, A TV actress named Malvi Malhotra was allegedly stabbed by a man in Mumbai on a busy road in Versova around 9pm on Mondayfor turning down his marriage proposal. The accused, Yogesh Mahipal Singh, had met Malvi a couple of times before the incident took place. He pressurized the actress to marry her. However, after she rejected his proposal, Yogesh attacked her thrice with a knife.she has been admitted to a hospital, where she is recovering, the police said.As per the actor’s statement given to the police, she and Singh had known each other for a year, and were friends. However, Singh wanted to marry her, but she had turned him down and stopped speaking with him, the actor told the police.