BANGALORE: Corona virus has spread widely in the state, also the cases of violations of the Covid pandemic law.till now total , 3,78,300 people have breached the quarantine law, causing public anxiety.

According to Health Department rules, the primary contact of the infected, who are from abroad and from other states, must be in Quarantine for 14 days. However, 3,78,300 people have violated this rule, against 1,998 people FIR has been lodged at various police stations across the state.

Where is the FIR registered?

The violations of quarantine case against people in state is as below

Belgaum-131, Kalaburgi-108, Davangere-98, Chitradurga-82,
Tumkur-65, Vijayapur-104, Bagalkot-102
Bangalore- 200
Bangaore rural -154