NEW DELHI: After the death of 22 Indian soldiers in a conflict in the Galwan Valley of East Ladakh, there has been a shouting all over the country to boycott Chinese products. On the back of this, the government of India on Monday ordered for banning of 59 Chinese apps, Including Tik Tak and UC Browser, in view of national security and privacy,even after banning many apps Many popular apps are not on this list though.
China Apps in India which are not banned :

PUBG Mobile

MV Master



App Lock by DoMobile

Rozz Buzz we media

360 Security

App locks

Nono live

Game of Sultans

Mafia City Airport

Battle of Empires

The Ministry of Broadcasting and Information Technology has made it clear that 59 apps have been banned for engaging in activities that threaten India’s sovereignty, security, security and public order.

Why is the controversial PUBG not banned in India?

Pubg is not a purely Chinese app,It was created and managed by Blue Hole, a South Korean company. But after PUBG became popular, the Chinese company Tencent teamed up with Blue Hole. China has since taken over most of Pubzi’s management. Therefore, the Government of India has not yet taken a decision to ban it as it is jointly owned by Korea and China both.

And few Chinese apps are still being used as they are not posing a threat to user safety. However, these apps are being reviewed and are likely to be banned in future.