D.K.Suresh gets notice from ED to attend hearing.

NEW DELHI: Former minister DK Sivakumar’s family has received an indication of hardship in the money laundering case. Congress MP DK Suresh has been asked to attend the hearing before them. Suresh has also been issued a notice by the Directorate of Enforcement.

Rs. 40 lac which was available by IT attack from Shivakumar’s Delhi flat,D.K Suresh claims that 21 lac is his money and In an affidavit to the Lok Sabha elections, D.K.Suresh has said that he has given credit to Shivakumar’s daughter Aishwarya. The property of his father Kempegowda has been transferred to DK Suresh. Suresh had declared that he had assets worth Rs 338 crore.
IT attack on DK Sivakumar’s residence in August 2017 ,Suresh had said that after two years of seizure, Rs 21 lakh was his money.

The ED is conducting an in-depth investigation into the affairs of DK Sivakumar, who is in jail in connection with a case involving money laundering. DK Suresh has been issued a notice to inquire into the affairs of the brothers. In addition to the money available at the Delhi flat, Suresh is also likely to investigate various transactions.

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