Farmers Can Enter Delhi, only to show respect for the farmers’ demand But Can’t Disturb Republic Day Parade,: Delhi Police

Farmers protesting against the Centre’s new farm laws have received permission to hold a tractor rally on Republic Day. The Delhi Police, however, has issued a series of restrictions, saying permission was given only to show respect for the farmers’ demand. “Protesting farmers can enter Delhi but can’t disturb the Republic Day parade,” the Delhi Police said on Sunday evening, declaring that the tractor rally will begin after the day’s traditional big parade on Rajpath, which terminates at the iconic Red Fort close to noon.Farmers, who have been protesting at the Singhu and other borders in Delhi for two months, had decided to hold the tractor rally after several rounds of negotiations with Centre had failed to resolve the issue.  The date – January 26 – was picked to mark the completion of two months for the “Delhi Chalo” protest, which started on November 26.

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