Farmers’ Protest: We hoisted ‘Nishan Sahib’ at Red Fort, didn’t remove Tricolour, claims actor Deep Sidhu

Punjabi Singer Deep Sidhu has been accused of instigating clashes at farmers’ parade yesterday. Notably, Deep Sidhu was among those present when a group of farmers stormed the Red Fort and hoisted Nishan Sahib, a flag that was earlier seen as a Khalistan flag. Deep Sidhu, on the other hand, sought to defend the action of the protesters, saying it was a symbolic protest and they did not remove the national flag during the Red Fort protests on India’s 72nd Republic Day.

A Punjabi actor who gained prominence because of his role in film star-turned-BJP MP Sunny Deol’s 2019 Lok Sabha campaign has become hugely controversial after clashes on Republic Day during a farmers’ tractor rally in Delhi.

In a video posted on Facebook, he said that they should not be given any communal colour or dubbed as fundamentalists or hardliners.
To symbolically register our protest against the new farm legislations, we put up ‘Nishan Sahib’ and a farmer flag and also raised a slogan of Kisan Mazdoor Ekta,” said Sidhu. The flag represents the country’s “unity in diversity”, he said while pointing towards the ‘Nishan Sahib’, a symbol of Sikh religion seen at all Gurdwara complexes.

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