Freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma sold Indian Army Serests to Chinese intelligence

New Delhi: A Delhi-based freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma is accused of passing classified defense information to Chinese intelligence who gave sensitive information about India’s border strategy and army deployment to Chinese intelligence has been arrested on Saturday.After his arrest, the Delhi Police seized his laptop, his mobile phone. Sharma, a senior journalist who worked for various newspapers and news agencies.Special Cell has arrested a freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma the Delhi Police said in a statement.

One Chinese lady and her Nepalese associate have also been arrested for paying him large amounts of money.He was contacted by Chinese Intelligence agents in 2016. Sharma was also in contact with some Chinese intelligence officer, the police officer said, adding the freelance journalist got Rs 40 lakh in one-and-a-half years and he was getting USD 1,000 for each information

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