India-China border talks: 11th round of talks remained inconclusive

The 11th round India-China Corps Commander Level Meeting was held at Chushul-Moldo border meeting point on 09 April 2021. In this marathon 11 hours (much shorter than the usual talks which would get over at 2.30 AM) it appears that there is a stalemate on the current deployment of the PLA and the Indian Army.

The statement issued by the government does not reveal much on what was discussed in the marathon talks which started at 10.30 AM local time and ended at 11.30 PM local time. The PLA in a graduated manner of disengagement seems to have gained an upper hand for the moment as the Indian Army under the political directions (most probably advised by the Ministry of External Affairs) vacated the Kailash Range. The option to occupy remains, but escalation is expected by the PLA and it’s Hobson’s choice.

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