Kangana gives back to bollywood veteran and MP Jaya Bacchan !!

On Tuesday Bollywood veteran actress and Rajya sabha MP Jaya Bachchan spoke about conspiracy to defame the film industry on the second day of the Monsoon Session in Parliament. “She said it’s completely wrong if some earn money from the industry calls it a gutter now ” while replying to it Kangana Ranaut questioned Jaya Bacchan,whether if it was her children in our place would she has said the same ??

Kangana Ranaut tweeted, “Jaya ji would you say the same thing if in my place it was your daughter Shweta beaten, drugged and molested as a teenage, would you say the same thing if Abhieshek complained about bullying and harassment constantly and found hanging one day? Show compassion for us also.”

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