Karnataka Assembly Passes Land Reforms Bill with Amendments by Council

The Karnataka State Legislative Council recently passed the Land Reforms (Amendment) Bill 2020. The 2020 amendment bill seeks to amend the Karnataka Land reforms Act of 1961. The 1961 Act brought in restrictions on ownership of agricultural lands in the state. The amendment removes 3 sections of the Act to allow ownership of farmlands by non-agriculturists. It also removed the income barrier for purchasing farmland i.e. the provision that only people with income of less than 25 lakh INR per annum.  The Land Reforms Act, 1961 is being diluted by successive state governments in the state to facilitate industrial growth and agricultural land ownership by non-farmers.It was adopted by the assembly on Wednesday, despite the Congress staging a walkout. The government on Tuesday had managed to pass the bill in the legislative council after JD(S) backed it. The JD(S) which had opposed the amendment came in support of the BJP and got the bill cleared in the council.

We have not made any major changes to the bill that was discussed and passed earlier by this House, other than certain minor things, giving some clarity with clarifications,” Revenue Minister R Ashoka said. Senior Congress MLA H K Patil, however, moved certain amendments to the bill, which was objected to by BJP MLA K G Bopaiah and Law Minister J C Madhuswamy, stating that no amendments can be moved at this stage as the bill has already been passed by this house and the legislative council

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