Nagpur-Mumbai Air ambulance makes emergency belly landing after losing its landing gear

As per reports, the wheel of the Beechcraft charter flight was separated from the flight while it was taking off from Runway number 32 in Nagpur. Even as a full emergency was declared at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, the plane managed to land safely .

The wheel of the Beechcraft VT-JIL aircraft, belonging to Jetserve Aviation, fell off at Nagpur airport soon after take-off. The fallen wheel was noticed by a CISF staffer who raised the alarm and informed airport authorities and the Air Traffic Controller. The ATC raised a distress call and a decision was made to make an emergency landing at Mumbai airport.

one patient who was aboard the charter flight was admitted to Nanavati hospital after the aircraft landed safely at the Mumbai Airport, as per reports.

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