The letter written in blood: struggle life of farmers

Manushree. MA 

Bangalore: It is said that the struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings. Democracy facilitates struggles and dissent. As part of nation-wide farmer’s agitation, the Karnataka Kisan Congress unit organised a unique protest near the iconic Town Hall opposing farm bills introduced by the central government.

Sachin Mega, the President of the Karnataka Kisan Congress powered by hundreds of Kisan Congress workers staged a protest raising slogans against the central government. The agitators wrote a letter in blood to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sachin Mega explained, “We are writing this letter in blood to attract the attention of the central government. The farm bills are anti-farmers. They need to be withdrawn,” he maintained. Sachin Mega also insisted that Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Y-Plus’ security should be withdrawn as she is dubbing the farmers as terrorists. Supreeth, another protestor who came all the way from Tumkur to attend the protest said that he owned 15 acres of land but now he fears that it will be taken away by the corporate giants as farm bills support them.

The entire Town Hall premises had gone green as protesting farmers flashed green shawls to mark their unity to fight against the ruling establishment. When asked on whether their dissent will have any impact on the government, Sachin Mega and others vehemently explained that, the agitation is being all across the country and hundreds of protesting farmers have lost their lives in New Delhi borders where the protest is on full swing. “Protests and agitations are the hallmarks of democracy and it is the way to get things done systematically. The letter written to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be sent demanding withdrawal of draconian farm laws,” Sachin explained.

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