Work from home to resume in Maharashtra: State releases new COVID-19 guidelines

Work from home to resume in Maharashtra State due to spread of coronavirus. Amid a surge in COVID-19 confirmed cases, the Maharashtra government on Monday (March 15, 2021) issued stricter guidelines. The new order will be in effect till March 31 to curb the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Check the new guidelines

  • All cinema halls (single screens and multiplexes)/ hotels/ restaurants to operate on 50% capacity
  •  All shopping malls to adhere Covid -19 protocols
  • No social/ cultural/ political/ religious gatherings to be allowed
  • Not more than 50 people will be allowed to be present only for the purpose of weddings
  • Not more than 20 people will be allowed to be present for the purposes of the performance of last rites
  • All offices except related to health and other essential services shall work with 50% of attendance. Work from home is advised.

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